Born in Glasgow in 1980, Nick Smith grew up in the World Heritage city of Bath but soon moved into the slums of London after graduating from Coventry University with a First class Masters degree in Product Design. This facilitated a successful career in commercial interior design for 10 years. 

Feeling creatively unfulfilled involved solely in design, his career slowly evolved from a designer who did a bit of art on the side, to an artist who did a bit of design on the side.

In late 2014 he walked into Lawrence Alkin gallery in Soho, London, carrying one of his early colour swatch works with the aim of being shown in the next winter Mix group show. Within 30 minutes of walking out of the gallery, his artwork had sold. This led to an invitation to host his first solo show in early 2015, titled Psycolourgy, which went on to sell out in the opening week and sealed his full-time career as an artist.