David Hollier

David Hollier

We are thrilled to announce the representation of David Hollier. David Hollier was born in Wolverhampton, England in 1971. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art from the University of Northumbria, and his Master’s degree in Computer imaging and animation from London Guildhall University. He has been living and working in Brooklyn, New York since 2002, where he divides his time between painting and teaching. He has been an adjunct professor at Parsons School of Design - The New School in New York City since 2005. 

David Hollier creates images of cultural and political icons as composites of their famous words in the form of painted and typed text. Part social commentary and part documentary, Hollier’s work literally blurs the lines between pop culture and politics and invites us to consider the power of words to influence and endure. Hollier's work can be seen in the form of murals, street art, and in galleries all over the world. 

In honor of Kurt Cobain's 53rd birthday, we are releasing an archive screenprint "Kurt Cobain" with the text from Dumb and Slither.  We consider Kurt Cobain to be one of the greatest songwriters ever and are honored to release this print for our collectors!

We are also releasing an archive screenprint in memory of one of the greatest American journalists and writers of our time, Hunter S Thompson.

Release Date: 
Saturday, February 20th at 1 pm EST
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