We are excited to welcome Sfhir to the RésArt family!

Fascinated by drawing since he was a child, his start in graffiti goes back to 1995 when he was fourteen years old and got expelled from school because he was found painting with spray paint. Sfhir is a graffiti artist, urban artist, muralist, three-dimensional, experimentalist and many other -isms. In his works, he combines graffiti with varied tools such as airbrushes, spray guns, brushes or rollers.

"Art exploration is the key to its evolution; far from being confined in concrete artistic labels, each new project is a break-up and new learning." Constantly researching, Sfhir has experimented with multiple techniques, chiseling every detail in a laborious, almost obsessive way, to achieve the crudest hyperrealism, dissect the reality and capture it in a graphic, overwhelming way, through an acid filter. Varied themes and a common element in all his works: disturbing realities. A sentence written on a New York train left him marked forever: ´´I only know that I can't stop´´

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