Zoe Moss Interview

Zoe Moss Interview

We recently caught up with Zoe Moss to connect with her to learn more about her as she continues to transform her work while putting a smile on those who collect her artwork. Check out our interview up close and personal with the highly talented Zoe Moss below:

Where were you born and where do you live now?

I was born in London and I have lived here most of my life apart from university that was up near Manchester.

When did you start making art?

I started making art at a young age, I'm a very visual person

If you moved during your art career, did any outside influences leave their mark in your art, if so when and why?

I wouldn't say moving influenced my artwork, definitely moving jobs has had an influence. I worked in an Art shop for 10 years so was surrounded by materials and other artists. I now work for a realist artist, painting his pieces and have been heavily influenced by his work.

Why did you choose to become an artist?

I chose to become an artist when I was very young as my dad was an architect and an artist as well as my oldest brother so I copied them and people seemed to love what I was making and started to encourage me to focus on art. I started exhibiting my work and selling pieces when I was a teenager so it made sense to carry it on.

Did you study art?

I did a foundation course at Chelsea college of Art and then went on to do a degree in Fine Art.

Which artists and movement have been your biggest influences and has this shown itself in your work?

My biggest influences have been surrealism and photorealism as well as the pop art movement. All three show themselves in my work considerably. You can see the surrealist nature in my oil paintings 'look mum...' the pop art influence is obvious in my sculptures and more recent drawings and paintings. I am currently putting another solo exhibition together that will be a mixture of pop art and realism.

Which mediums are your favorite to worth with and why?

Oil paint is my favorite medium as you can get such detail and blends. I enjoy the immediacy of pencil and sculpture makes a nice change to my usual practice. 

How has society and your personal interactions shaped how you make your art?

Society as well as my personal interactions have definitely shaped my art as a lot of it is in response to society, you can see this from my satirical drawing 'Tinder Suprise' to my oil paintings of Margot Robbie and Uma Thurman. My paintings 'Look Mum' focus on my frustration with the art world as well as my parents passing.

Which exhibitions have meant the most to you and why?

There have been many exhibitions that have been important to me. The Rosenquist exhibition at the Gugenheim was particularly poignant for me amongst others.

How has your view of art changed since you started your career.

My view of art has changed somewhat since the start of my career. I suppose I am more jaded with the artworld and how galleries want to pigeonhole you. I still love it though!

What kind of effect do you hope your works will impart onto others?

I hope my work will make people question ideas and perceptions of reality, I hope it will make people smile or laugh and question the dark satirical aspects of it.

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