What's the Sun Without You - BD White

What's the Sun Without You - BD White

BD White is back!

It's been well over a year since we released a print with BD White. We are excited to announce the release of What's The Sun Without You! Here are some thoughts from BD White. "This was my favorite piece from my last solo show in nyc. This was also the most complicated and multilayered painting I've ever done. If memory serves, I believe this painting was north of 250 stencil layers. That dress alone was something like 90-100 stencil layers. Painting that nearly killed me, but it was worth it because I think this was the best painting I've ever made. These prints turned out great so be sure to grab one if you're interested!"


What’s the Sun Without You

Fine Art Print on Somerset Archival Paper

18 x 24 inches

Edition of 33

Signed & Numbered

$175 + shipping or $395 Framed

Release Date Today February 21st at 1pm EST.

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