Up In The Clouds by Madderdoit

Up In The Clouds by Madderdoit

The exclusive release of Madderdoit's new edition "Up In The Clouds" drops October 30th at 1 pm EST.

"Creating a cloud effect is a concept that I’ve been working on for a while - trying to get it how I envisioned has been a battle I now feel I have finally conquered! I'd doodled this idea in one of my sketchbooks a couple of years ago, and have kept coming back to it. Spending endless practices; cutting and creating clouds, trying to work out how to add a figure into the clouds without it looking slapped on top, and adding a hazed glow from a moon that's not over the top. I'd paint a tester and have it sit in my studio staring at me for a week while I try to figure out why that one hasn't worked. I eventually throw it away and try again. Many, many attempts later and it finally all came together! An added touch - the white spray paint used for the clouds is a white UV paint so looks great under a UV light!"

Up In The Clouds

Paper Edition: Edition of 6

Wood Panel Edition: 1/1s

Mirror Edition: Edition of 5

Each pice is unique painted with spray paint and multi-layer stencil. Hand-painted with unique white UV clouds. Hand-signed, dated, and numbered on reverse. Comes with COA. 


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