We are thrilled to announce the representation of Slomo

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela,  and currently living and working in Barcelona, Slomo’s style is geometric either in abstract or figurative pieces, being transparencies and color overlays what characterized his work, using only Spray Cans as his tool of work.

When asked about his influences, he emphasizes “Cinestismo Venezolano” or Kinetic Art from Venezuela, but it was the city of Barcelona and all the contemporary Street artists mostly from Spain, that gave shape to what Slomo depicts in his paintings or walls nowadays.

By chance, or maybe by unconscious design Slomo surrounded himself at one point in his life with people and places that turned him to street art, influential artists, places, cities, and a flowering Miami scene that encouraged him to dive into art and creation, a scene with which he felt very identified and was lucky enough to experience firsthand and to draw inspiration from.

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