Brad Novak aka New Blood Pop

Brad Novak aka New Blood Pop

We are happy to announce the representation of Brad Novak. Brad Novak is arguably New Zealand's leading urban pop artist and wants us to "keep our inner child alive"

His art practice covers two main themes.

The first is the subjective nature of identity – which, through his Hybrid series, relates to the flawed human tendency to label each other, and ourselves, limiting our potential. Novak rejects this through his ongoing endeavors, to combine dual careers as not only a professional artist but also a public health doctor.

The second deals with what he calls 'The Digital Dilemma' - in the artist's own words:

"This increasingly technological age hasn’t made us any happier, or connected us more deeply, rather it’s been doing the exact opposite!"

In early 2015 Novak’s debut solo show likely set a New Zealand attendance record with hundreds through the event in only 2 hours. Then, in late 2015 he became the first New Zealand-born artist in the country’s history to show simultaneously alongside both the legendary pop art megastars including Warhol, Haring, Lichtenstein, and the street art global elite such as Brainwash, OBEY, and Banksy (Toronto).

He followed this up in early 2016 with only his second solo show, and first outside New Zealand, in Toronto to rave reviews alongside a feature on national TV in Canada. 

Novak's third solo exhibition in early 2017 "Beauty of the Beast" sold out (Bread and Butter Gallery, NZ). 

Novak's career has continued to flourish with solo shows:
Sound Organized in Time (Jan 2018)
The Design Show (July 2018)
Brickwork (Jan 2019)
Hybrid 1.0 (January 2020)
Starman (December 2020)

Novak currently shows in the US, Canada, the UK, and NZ.

Brad's collection of archive prints is live now in our gallery.

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