Apopriation by Zoe Moss

Apopriation by Zoe Moss

We are thrilled to introduce to you the latest series of paintings by the talented artist Zoe Moss, titled "Apropriation." This captivating series is a bold exploration of the concept of appropriation in contemporary art, paying homage to the iconic works of pop artists while also putting a fresh spin on this artistic technique.

In "Apropriation," Zoe Moss uses her exceptional skills in oil painting to recreate renowned artworks by popular artists. However, she takes it a step further by enclosing each painting in a glass bell jar, a nod to the tradition of preserving precious objects, and also a metaphor for the commodification and market-driven nature of contemporary art.

The series cleverly appropriates the works of famous pop artists whom themselves used elements of popular culture in their own practice. From Koons to Kusama, Moss highlights the recognizable imagery that dominates today's art market and presents it under the bell jar, creating a thought-provoking commentary on the ever-evolving dynamics of art, culture, and consumerism.

Each painting in the "Apropriation" series is a meticulous and skillful reproduction of the original artwork, capturing the essence and style of the respective pop artists while adding a unique twist with the glass bell jar presentation. The combination of hyperrealistic technique and conceptual depth makes these pieces truly captivating and resonant with today's art landscape.

As avid supporters of contemporary art, we are honored to showcase Zoe Moss's "Apropriation" series at our gallery. These works challenge our perception of originality, authenticity, and the role of popular culture in art, inviting viewers to reflect on the evolving dynamics of the art world and society at large.

We invite you to join us in experiencing the thought-provoking and visually stunning "Apropriation" series by Zoe Moss. Whether you are a seasoned art collector or a passionate art enthusiast, we are confident that these exceptional paintings will capture your imagination and stimulate your artistic sensibilities.



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