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Paul Dilena

We are excited to welcome our new artist, Paul Dilena to the RésArt family! 

Born an artist and educated as a designer Paul has always been filled with an insatiable curiosity. Paul sees his relationship with art as a cascading series of solutions to "problems" created purely in the exploration of an aesthetic.

"I let my imagination run wild, concocting a destination that I must then navigate to. Through these explorations, it is my wish to remind others that their journey is only limited by the courage and creativity employed in their own explorations. I want others to see the endless depth of richness that is the human experience. We are infinitely more than what our outside world dictates. We should not feel stifled by self-imposed limitations we create through our own direct perception or personal beliefs."

"Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me.  All earthly things tie back to nature and we can look to nature for guidance and help in understanding life. The natural world around us is full of inherent messages coded within its design and workings. It is perfectly harmonious and drives me to seek a similar harmony within my creative self. I strive to recognize and find a balance between the freedom of art making and the discipline of design. Those elements exist within me as an intertwined and inseparable entity. I'm forever inspired by the interaction of these two elements and their ability to enhance one another. The two combined can take you to unexpected places that neither could alone."

We are thrilled to release our first print of 2019 with Paul Dilena.

Limited Edition of 50
"12 x 12"
Hand embellished holographic elements

Prints will be released on Thursday, January 10th at 12 pm EST.

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